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Learn to Juggle DVD

Learn to juggle dvd


toss up switlik

Students at Stanley Switlik Elementary School in Marathon, FL, doing the "Big Toss Up"
at the end of a 2 Day Hands On Juggling Workshop conducted by
Bounce and Karen Grant-Margil of Key West
and sponsored by a grant thru the Florida Keys Council of the Arts

Every student at the school and a dozen staff members and teachers took part in the
Juggling and Balancing Workshop

Monroe County, FL School Comments 2007-8

Dear Bounce, Karen and Daniel,

My class and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our Sugarloaf School and sharing with us your wonderful performance! To see the look on my students' faces while you were on stage was just as breathtaking as the show itself. Your expertise, enthusiasm, colorful props and musical talent made the show all the more worth while.

I have found through my years of teaching, that the younger the audience, the more challenging it is to keep their attention at length. You, on the other hand, completely kept
the children engaged and an active part of your show.That definitely takes true talent!

Our private juggling lessons yesterday proved all the more your passion for the world of juggling. Watching the students' relentless efforts to juggle left me in awe.
They listened attentively, followed directions, and were persistent.
No sooner did they drop a ball and back in the air it was again!
They were so eager to show you, their peers and me their continuing progress,
even if their lesson was not fully mastered.

I applaud you all for your efforts in educating the Monroe County students in self discipline, focusing abilities, and sheer persistence. I know the students would love to have this as part of their Physical Education curriculum in the future. If there is anything my students and I can do to help you in this endeavor, please do not hesitate to contact us at Sugarloaf.
Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience!
Anna Maria Croce, 4th Grade Teacher, Sugarloaf Elementary


Thank you all for bringing such a fantastic show to the students of Gerald Adams School.
As a lifelong educator and principal of this school, I have always valued the incorporation of the arts into our curriculum. This show brings fun into the learning process as well as motivation to work hard and excel. The staff, students and parents are grateful for being included in this great event. It was spectacular!
Fran Herrin, Principal, Gerald Adams Elementary School, Key West


What a fantastic show! The children here at Gerald Adams loved the show.
I work in a special needs class and my kids really had a great time.
The entertainers did a fantastic job of including the audience.
Lots of energy! Fantastic Show! Sincerely,
Belinda Rodriguez, E.S.E Teacher, Gerald Adams Elementary School, Key West


Dear Bounce, Ooo La La and Daniel,
I just wanted to say THANKS for the wonderful performance.
The students were highly engaged and smiling which is rare at times!!
I have a student who is seldom happy. He always seems down in the dumps.
During your performance he was eagerly raising his hand and laughing.
I was thrilled to see him so motivated.
He told me he really enjoyed the juggling afterwards too.
Thanks again,
Regan Sayrn, ESE Teacher, Glynn Archer Elementary


Bounce, Ooo La La, and Daniel,
I wanted to take a minute and let you guys know how much I enjoyed the show on Friday.
You all are so very talented and entertaining. I think it's awesome how you work together
to make it a family show and I imagine you spend countless hours together practicing as well. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to teach Daniel but from what I hear he was a wonderful model student. If I had to guess, I'd say it's because of the brain he was blessed with and because of his supportive, involved family.
Best of luck to you all!
J Darcie Parra, Poinciana Elementary School


My class loved the performance! What a great experience for them!
Thank you for coming to Key Largo School!
Mary Idsardi, 4th Grade Teacher, Key Largo School


Your presentation was a lift for our end of the year spirits. We have a poster thank-you that
will be coming in a mailing tube. My class was very engaged, EVEN WRITING your
thank you's, and I work with low motivated, at-risk students so it's usually a push.
Thanks immensely!
Jan Mulvihill, Tornado Café 4th Grade, Key Largo School


My children absolutely loved the performance. Many children had an opportunity to participate. We read a book about a character Huggles Can Juggle. This gives them a definite visual to help cement the word juggle in their minds. It provided an excellent opportunity for the children to write and illustrate stories. The stories were great and the illustrations were detailed. "Thank you for coming."
Carol Bley, Kindergarten Teacher, Key Largo School


Thank you so much for coming to Key Largo School. I teach first grade and my students absolutely loved your show. They try and juggle everything now! They spend most of their recesses trying to be like Daniel.He is their favorite. Your show was an inspiration to my students and I think they will always remember your show!
Thank you so much!
Tiffany Scheer, 1st Grade, Key Largo School


I just wanted to let you know how much my students enjoyed your workshop.
I personally learned to juggle 3 balls when Jimmy Wray was the Art teacher at Gerald Adams.
I teach kids with severe behavioral problems and have used juggling as a reward time.
It is a great activity and wakes up some students physically and mentally.
My daughter goes to this school and came home trying to juggle 3 balls.
She did not want to learn when I tried to teach her but you have inspired her.
Thank you,
Christine Shanle, Gerald Adams Elementary School, Key West


My third graders and I send our thanks to you and your family for your exciting and engaging performance at Gerald Adams. The students especially enjoyed the juggling workshop held after your show. They are still trying to perfect their juggling skills!
Marie Adams, 3rd Grade, Gerald Adams Elementary School, Key West


Thank you so much for the fabulous performance this morning at Key Largo School.
My kindergarten class thoroughly enjoyed every minute! We'll be writing you
thank you letters later on today. As a kindergarten teacher I send home a daily newsletter.
I've attached a copy of today's news so you can see the pictures I shared with my parents
from this morning. We'll be writing thank you letters later on today. Again, thank you so much.
I certainly hope we get to see you perform again in the future!
Kathy Caputo, Kindergarten Teacher, Key Largo School


Thank you for the wonderful shows and workshops.
You were both terrific and Daniel was amazing.
I thought that you would appreciate this story. A student who has low self esteem
came to see me during the workshop with a big smile and said "Look, I can really do this".
I have known him for three years and that was the first time that I saw him proud of an accomplishment. Your programs were fun and entertaining.
Please come back.
Marilyn Callahan, Art Teacher, Key Largo School


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Bounce and Karen Grant-Margil's 2009 Special Project Grant
"Juggling and Balancing Workshop"
was sponsored by the Florida Keys Council of the Arts.

For more info on this educational and fun filled project
Please contact Bounce and Karen Grant-Margil
Liz Young at the Florida Keys Council of the Arts

We are looking for sponsors to help fund additional days Teaching
"The Juggling Challenge" at each school.

It is our goal to teach everyone at each school in Monroe County how to Juggle.