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BOUNCE AND OOO LA LA are the stage names of the two performers you will meet and watch. OOO LA LA's character speaks with a French accent, and when you hear her talk she sounds as if she's from Paris, France. We'll let you in on a secret..she's really from Atlanta, Georgia.
Her name when she is not "on stage" or performing is Karen Grant-Margil.
Bounce is originally from Boston, Massachusetts. He likes the name Bounce, because it suggests energy and movement, as he is an unicyclist and juggler.

Bounce and Karen have been married to each other since 1983. Their son Daniel was born on New Year's Eve 1990. Daniel has been performing with his mom and dad since he was 11 weeks old! Bounce balanced Daniel in the palm of his hand when he was a tiny baby, and because they've practiced this trick every day, Daniel's sense of balance is very good. Daniel has been riding a unicycle since he was 5 years old and juggling since he was 6 years old.

He also plays the Drums, walks on the Rolling Globe while hula hooping and helps setup and break down the stage of props and sound equipment. Daniel is an incredible inspiration to all the children. His skills are very impressive and all due to his long hours of practice.
Daniel attends Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton so he is no longer a permanent member of the show during the school year but does tour in the summer with the show.

BOUNCE and OOO LA LA perform a variety of acts that feature many circus skills.
They juggle Balls, Boxes, Clubs, Rings, Fruit, Hats, Shoes and Socks, and other things.

Juggling is the skill of tossing up 3 or more objects into the air and catching them in a rhythmical pattern and keeping the pattern going. It is not easy to learn to juggle balls, but if you learn the technique, and then practice it over and over and over until you can learn.
To do anything well, you must practice a lot and be patient and persistant.
You feel great when you learn a new skill and do it well.

Bounce rides a unicycle in the show. Unicycles are cycles with only one wheel. It takes a lot of practice and good balance to be able to ride one. Other equilibristic skills (balance) that are exhibited in the performance are the rolla bolla, the rolling globe, and object manipulation.

In the show you'll hear live music played upon some unsual instruments. OOO La La plays a small button accordion, known as a melodion. It is a very popular musical instrument in Europe, though not very common in this country. While she plays her melodion, her feet keep the beat going by tapping on a "high hat cymbal", a tambourine and a "ooooga" horn. Bounce also playes an unusual instrument, a Musical SAW. This instrument was very popular during the hey day of Vaudeville in the early 1900's and is quite rare these days.



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