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Learn to JuggleToday

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"Learn to Juggle Today"

This DVD was created by Bounce, Karen and Daniel

to guide you in Learning How to Juggle.

Getting Started:

Imagine a rectangle BOX in front of you.

With your elbows at your waist, place your Hands Palms Up and a little above your thighs.

These are the Bottom Corners of the BOX where you Throw and Catch the balls.

From these points reach straight up as high as possible and look at your hands.

These points are the Top Corners of the BOX, and the Height to where you throw the balls.

Now imagine an "X" inside the box.

This "X" is the path the balls will take when you throw them.

Right Hand throws to the Left Top Corner and Left Hand throws to the Right Top Corner.

The Throws, The Catches:

Practice throwing one ball in the diagonal direction from the right hand to the left top corner

and then from the left hand to right top corner 100 times each.

The arm motion is a little scoop from the thigh to the waist level.

Watch the ball go up...Watch it come down and always catch it with the opposite hand.

You are training your eyes, your hands, and your brain to throw and catch.

Be consistant with the Direction and the Height of the throws.

ALWAYS LOOK at the ball that is thrown.

You need to See and Understand when the ball is at its Highest Point ... the Top Corner
Because that is when the second ball is thrown

If you do not look at the ball at the Top, you will NOT catch it.

Two Ball Juggling --Timing

When the 1st ball "hits" the Top Corner, throw the 2nd ball to the Other Top Corner.

Remember there is a Space of Time between throws.

The KEY is to WAIT for each ball to Hit the Top Corner before throwing the next ball.

Don't rush your 2nd diagonal throwand Make that good "X" pattern.

Counting 1...2...Catch will help your Timing

or you can say these KEYWORDS

"Look ... Look ... Catch" or

"Right ... Left ... Catch" or

"Up ... Up ... Catch" (if the ball height is inconsistant) or

"Cross ... Cross ... Catch" (if you are not making a good "X" pattern )


LOOK directly at each ball thrown.

Three Ball Juggling -- Timing

Hold Two balls in the one hand, and one in the other.

The Hand that holds the two balls ALWAYS throws FIRST.

Throw the 1st ball to the opposite top corner and watch it go up

When it hits the top corner, throw the 2nd ball to the other top corner.

When the 2nd ball goes to the Top Corner, throw the 3rd ball.

Each hand alternates throwing a ball to the diagonal corner and
each ball must go to the SAME HEIGHT-1 foot over your head.

Wait until the ball goes to the top, then throw the next ball.

Try throwing 3 balls ... one at a time and then catching them

Count 1...2...3...Catch

Use the KEYWORDS to help

Now try continuously throwing and catching.

When you catch a ball

Good Luck.

Let us know if these direstions helped you learn to juggle.

© 2008-17 Bounce, Ooo La La and Daniel